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ESSER III Program Plan

ESSER III Program Narrative

Notice of Intent to Apply for Federal Funds and Request for Public Comment


RIPICS English

RIPICS Spanish


Periodic Review of RIPICS

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Original Posting- August 2021

(Original revision notice posted Jan. 5, 2022 to Feb. 5, 2022)

Revisied RIPICS posted February 2022
(Six-month revision notice posted July 1, 2022 – August 1, 2022)

Revised RIPICS Posted- August 2022

(Six-month revision discussed January-February 2023)

No revisions made to RIPICS- Posted February 2023

Ranger Camp Handbook ENGLISH

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What is a P-TECH?

P-TECH stands for Pathways in Technology Early College High School.  As part of the program, students can choose a career pathway and take courses that provide the academic, technical, and workplace skills that are attractive to employers.  Students have the potential to earn up to 60 credit hours or an associate degree along with industry certificates for their selected career pathway.  Best of all, this opportunity comes tuition-free.

What is an Early College High School/Collegiate Academy?

A school is considered a Collegiate Academy until it receives its designation from the Texas Education Agency as Early College High School, but they both function the same and provide the same services to students.

An Early College High School/Collegiate Academy is a high school that offers students the opportunity to earn dual-credit- credit for both high school courses and college courses.  College tuition fees are waived.  This gives students the opportunity to earn an associate degree or up to 60 hours of college credit.

Grant received:

Decision 3 – Decodable Texts for Learning to Read PK through 1st grade.  Kits for 22 teachers, classroom kits for 375 students, and at-home kits for 88 students.  In-Kind support – materials available Spring 2022.

Decision 4 – Grow Your Own

4a – Paraprofessional Certification & Education - $103,000

  • 1 certificate – only candidate ($8,000)
  • 5-degree completion and certificate candidate(s) $19,000 per candidate

4b – Education and Training (E&T) Courses -$33,000

  • 2 – educator(s) teaching dual credit courses ($11,000 per educator)
  • 2 – educators teaching courses not for dual-credit ($5,500 per educator)

4c – Funding for implementation and growth of E & T programs - $18,000

Decision 9 – Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH)- $400,000.

Total Grant (not including D 3, in-kind) $554,000.


Meeting Minutes

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