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Bond 2023 Frequently Asked Questions

  • The law provides that a school district must hold an election and get permission from voters to sell bonds and to levy taxes to pay for them. Bonds are sold to provide funding for capital improvements that last for a number of years. Such investments are often too large to be included in annual operating budgets. Just as an individual agrees to repay a new home loan, voters authorize the District to sell and repay bonds for making major capital improvements. School boards can only levy I&S taxes for debt in the amount necessary to repay the bonds If the amount needed to pay the bonds is less, the district taxes less. 

  • The State Property Tax Code allows a homestead exempt for those 65 years or older. If an individual 65 years of age or older files for a homestead exemption, this individuals homestead taxes are “frozen” and will not increase if the bond propositions were to pass. The “Over 65 Homestead Exemption” creates a ceiling on the amount of school taxes that are paid by individuals 65 or older. A tax increase from a new bond program cannot increase the applicable tax celining of a taxpayer that has qualified for the “Over 65 Homestead Exemption,” unless improvements are made to the home. 

  • Perryton ISD and a Long Range Planning Committee made up of community members assessed the areas of need in Perryton ISD. The age of facilities, the lack of viable resources in classrooms, areas that do not meet recommended standards, instructional spaces that are too small, as well as safety and security concerns were all contributing factors in the decision to pursue a bond. 

  • The Long Range Planning Committee was made up of community members that visited PISD campuses and facilities. They assessed the needs of all the campuses and decided Wright Elementary and Perryton High School were in the biggest need of renovation. They also determined there were additional needs at Ranger Field for locker rooms, concession stands, bathrooms, offices, and a new weight room. 


    The Long Range Planning Committee met for over a year to assess these buildings and determine the best plan of action. The committee met with administrators, teachers, and staff to consider what they needed to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. 


    The Long Range Planning Committee presented their decision to pursue a bond to the Perryton ISD Board of Trustees on February 3, 2023. The PISD Board of Trustees voted to call for a bond on February 15, 2023 with a vote of 5-1. 

  • Proposition A will cost $35.1 million and would include the following:

    • Renovations to Wright Elementary
    • Renovations to Perryton High School
    • Safety and Security Improvements

    Proposition B will cost $4.8 million and would include the following:

    • Renovations to stadium facilities including concession and restrooms
    • Construction of new locker rooms, weight rooms, and offices
  • The Long Range Planning Committee created a list of proposed projects based on their review of campuses and facilities. These campus and facility tours included administrators, teachers, community members, students, and industry professionals. Proposition A was determined the highest need due to the age of Wright Elementary and Perryton High School, as well as safety and security reasons. Proposition B was proposed because of the limited resouces currently available and the voiced interest in new facilities proposed in Proposition B. 

  • Borger ISD, Dumas ISD, Canyon ISD, and Miami ISD

  • Dalhart ISD and Pampa ISD

  • Election Day is May 6th

    Early Voting is April 24-28 and May 1-2. You can early vote at the Perryton ISD Administration Building at 821 SW 17th Ave. Voting is open on early voting days from 8:00 am-5:00 pm. 

    On Election Day, voting will only take place at City Hall at 110 S. Ash. Voting on Election Day is open from 7:00 am -7:00 pm. 

  • Voter registration cards can be requested at the Ochiltree County Office or at the PISD Administration Building at 821 SW 17th. Voter Registration Card Applications are due before April 6th

    Mail in ballots can be requested at PISD Administration Building at 821 SW 17th. Mail in ballots have to be received by May 6th to be counted. 

  • Technology, safety and security, as well as program growth were not considered when facilites were originally built. 

  • If the bond were to not pass, the Long Range Planning Committee could present their presentation to the PISD Board of Trustees again. The Board could call for another bond election on a future election ballot. 

  • No! One proposition could pass, both could pass, or neither could pass. Each proposition is voted on seperately. 

  • Yes! If you are interested in a bond presentation, please contact Liliana Medrano at (806)-435-5478 or at Presentations are led by

    If the District is unable to fulfill your request, we have community meeting dates scheduled. You can find dates and time for these meetings on the Perryton ISD website, under the “2023 Bond Election” tab.