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School Board

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PISD Board of Trustees 2020-2021

Monty Kinnard  – President, Tyler Merkel – Vice President, Joe Ogden  – Secretary,

Wes Beal, Richard Beyea, Ramon Vela, Pete DeSantiago

For reports on school board activity, see PISD News

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Past Board Meetings

PISD Mission Statement:

The mission of the District is to build a quality educational system that involves all students, teachers, the community, and parents in a highly motivated and positive learning process:
• In a way that involves all cultures, increases opportunities for parental involvement through communication of students' improvement, rewards strong character and positive attitude, and celebrates academic improvements.
• So that with the support system (composed of parents, community, and teachers), students will be motivated to make informed, responsible choices, become lifelong learners, and become productive members of society.