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Connectivity Help

Student on Computer

Perryton ISD has been made aware of an opportunity through Windstream for those who can’t afford internet services to get help and possibly qualify for two months FREE INTERNET.  See the improved information below.

Internet arrangement for students who lack access - If they are low SES, they may qualify for 2 months free internet (covered by Windstream) through a program called lifeline. Potential users may go to: to see if they qualify. OR CALL DIRECT AT: 1-800-347-1991.  In order to see if they qualify, they will need a SS# or an ITIN#(individual Tax identification #). In the case of undocumented workers, they will have an ITIN if they are employed. If they qualify, they will receive a code - starts with a Q - then they need to call 435-2050 to process an order for services through Windstream.  This gets 2 months free and $15/mo. after that with no contract - can be discontinued at any time. 

Perryton ISD is not affiliated with Windstream and does not endorse or guarantee this program.