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Assistance During COVID-19


The Perryton ISD school counselors want to reach out to the parents of PISD children, offering our support to you and your children.  If your child (children) needs additional emotional or academic support, please reach out to us through our email addresses listed below.  We know this current situation can create additional anxiety and fear in people of all ages, and our job is to help each child in our district at all times, but especially in these times. Our goals during this pandemic are that our students will maintain a healthy balance of mental, social / emotional, and physical well being; will be confident in their ability to succeed; will have adequate coping skills during these times; and will demonstrate social maturity and behaviors that are appropriate to this situation and our changing environment. If we can be of any assistance to your children or you, please email us.  

Perryton Kinder Counselor - Janet Cummings -

Wright Elementary - Kat Broome  

Williams Intermediate  - Allison Vyoral -

Perryton Junior High  - Leigh Bicknell -

Perryton High School

Ludi Pena Martin AEC - 

Please keep up as you are able with updates to your child’s campus through the campus websites and campus / counselor’s facebook pages:

Perryton High School Campus & Counselor’s Facebook Page:

Ludi Pena Martin AEC’s Facebook Page:

Perryton Junior High Campus & Counselor’s Facebook Page:

Williams Intermediate Facebook Page:  

Wright Elementary Facebook Page:

Perryton Kinder Facebook Page:

Perryton Independent School District: