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Accessibility Grievance Procedure

Perryton ISD makes a concerted effort to provide accessible content throughout all of our electronic communications. 

In the event you have difficulty accessing any part of our communications, the process below details the procedures to resolve your issue.

  1. Contact our Communications Director, Darin Clark at the PISD Administration Building 821 SW 17th
  2. Perryton, TX 79070.  You may reach him at (806)435-5478 Ext. 233 or by email at:
  3. Please include the specific pages or other content with which you are having difficulty.
  4.  Mr. Clark will contact you within 1 to 2 business days with a resolution to the issue.
  5. In the event your concerns are not resolved, you may submit a grievance to in accordance with PISD policy GF.
  6. In the event your concerns are still not resolved, you may submit a formal grievance to the US Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights at: