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PHS Lifters Each Take 4th Place at Nationals

Posted Date: 06/10/2021

PHS Lifters Each Take 4th Place at Nationals

PHS Sent two girls to the Nation Powerlifting Competition, both girls came home with 4th place medals and we are very proud of them! 


Saleen Nyman lifted up a class from her normal weight class and lifted pretty well! She did miss 2 squats and 2 benches and 1 deadlift, leaving her 4 for 9 for the meet. The misses put us behind a bit and took away her chance at winning the meet. It was tough competition, as expected, but Saleen hit a PR on deadlift and added 20+ pounds to her state total. Her final attempt on deadlift was to put her into 3rd place and would've been a large PR, but missed just on the lockout. 


Andrea Fabela nearly had a flawless meet going 3for3 on squat and bench and missing only her final DL. Odds were stacked against from the start, being one of the lightest lifters on the platform, by a large margin. She was 100lb, 80lbs, and 50lbs bodyweight lighter than the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers. Even with a perfect meet, it would've been difficult to get the win. Her final DL attempt was to finish in 3rd place as well, with a huge PR, but also couldn't quite lock it out. 


Both girls competed very well with some of the top lifters in the nation! Regardless of the outcome, they are still champions!