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Perryton ISD Adopts New Student Evaluation Tools

Posted Date: 09/10/2018

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With the start of the 2018-2019 school year less than two weeks away, some of Perryton ISD’s teachers got a head start this week on a new intervention tool being adopted by the district.  The school district has invested in the Star 360 program to help measure student progress as well as individual needs throughout the year.

Liz Reints, a program manager with Renaissance Learning, explained the benefits of Star 360. “It can tell us how a student is scoring relative to state tests and state standards.  It helps us determine if programs in place are working for those students. We can also determine growth information. We can determine if they’re growing as fast as they should be.”

The initial training, conducted at Frank Phillips College Allen Campus, was done with lead teachers and administrators from all PISD campuses.  Next, these teachers will help train their peers so that the new tools will be in place when students arrive.  Perryton High School Teacher Lori Lumley explained some of the benefits of Star 360, “It’s going to show us their ‘ready to learn’ skills so that we can teach them where they are and it’ll be easier for us to move them forward.”

The addition of Star 360 represents a commitment by PISD to individual instruction. “We’re going to focus on intervention for all students, regardless of their current situation and help move them forward.” Superintendent Dr. Tim Little explained, “we can evaluate students at various times throughout the year and make sure they are moving in the right direction.”  Little expects to see progress in academic achievement for all students as a result of this individualized instruction.  Perryton ISD students return to class August 15.