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PISD Board Approves Security Measures

Posted Date: 09/10/2018

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At Tuesday evening’s Special Called Meeting of the Perryton ISD Board of Trustees the board heard a report on a number of safety initiatives that Superintendent Dr. Tim Little, Communications Directory/ Safety Officer Darin Clark and Maintenance Director Allen Kemp have been working on.
The board approved a $22,410 budget amendment to purchase the Raptor Visitor Management and Emergency Management system.  Dr. Little explained that Raptor is the industry standard for school visitor management.  Raptor will check all visitors to each school in the district against multiple sex offender databases as well as perform other safety checks.  
Clark told the board that the emergency management piece of Raptor provides electronic tracking of students in a drill or emergency.  “This lets us know all students are safe and helps us make sure they are reunited with a loved one in a crisis situation.” Clark added.
Clark and PHS Principal Danny Finch gave a presentation on the ALICE training that they recently attended and proposed that the district adopt the plan.   ALICE takes a different approach to active shooter situations training teachers and students to take a proactive approach rather than the traditional “lock the door and hope” practices of the past.  It provides training on avoiding the attacker as well as “last resort” counter attack methods when confronted by the attacker.
The training is delivered through interactive online training plus hands-on training which Clark and Finch will lead with the district staff and students.  The board voted unanimously to adopt the ALICE training at a cost of $7,095.60 per year for three years. 
The board heard information about ways to improve access control at all district campuses.  After much discussion, the board authorized Little and Kemp to seek bids on doors and walls needed to secure access at Wright Elementary and Perryton Kinder.  The current estimate for those projects is just under $31,000 but Kemp felt they could negotiate a lower price.  Kemp and his staff will also begin replacing doors at Perryton High School as the first steps to better securing that campus. 
Finch told the board that he is making some changes to student traffic patterns as well to help control access at the high school.
Also at the meeting, Perryton Police Chief Tony Hill shared his thoughts and concerns on arming teachers as well as other school security options such as School Resource Officers.  Hill discussed a number of concerns with arming teachers. “Teachers became teachers because they love students.  They, most likely don’t have the mindset to pull the trigger on one of their students.” He told the group.  Hill stated that the city is open to discussing a partnership to provide School Resource Officers with the majority of the pay and expenses being covered by the district.
Board members expressed an interest in looking further into some type of law enforcement at the schools.  Additional discussions will likely happen at future meetings.