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Special Board Meeting Hires Staff, Hears About Grants

Posted Date: 05/05/2022

Special Board Meeting Hires Staff, Hears About Grants

PISD Board of Trustees met in a special noon session on Thursday, May 5. After over an hour in executive session to discuss personnel, Superintendent Jame Mireles announced the following resignations: Debra Towner, second grade teacher at Wright Elementary; Annika Coverdale, RN; Michael Weinette, Ludi Martin AEC; Stacy Smith and Jillian Herrington, Special Ed. Wright; Andrew Ramon, Junior High Teacher/Coach; David Drew, High School Woodshop; Lucy Landis, Wright Elementary Paraprofessional; Diana Wooster, High School Paraprofessional; Jo’nia Farmer, High School Special Ed.; and Kelly Hodge, Perryton High School Math teacher.

CFO Britney Meraz proposed a budget amendment to clear up a few areas as the end of the fiscal year approaches. Food services was awarded a grant for a little over $48,000 that will mostly pay for milk but help out the overall budget. She also mentioned a hefty grant for the Ranger Roundup thank will save the district from transferring any funds to cover losses there for the first time since the doors opened.  The amendment passed by a 6-0 vote.

Mr. Mireles recommended the following hires:
One-year probationary certified teacher contract – Kim Francis, Secondary Math; Cassandra Pina grades EC through six; Sabrina Kinney grade 1-8; Jennifer Perez EC-6 and Carrie Grimes Physical Education Teacher EC through 12.
One-Year dual probationary teacher/coach contract – Spencer Dutcher.
Two-Year administrator’s contract – Courtney Jenkins, Junior High Assistant Principal.
One-Year probationary contract – Kasi Sergent, School Nurse.
These contracts were approved by a 6-0 vote and the meeting was adjourned.