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State FCCLA Competition Trip

Posted Date: 04/11/2022

State FCCLA Competition Trip

April 7 - 9, 2022

Dallas, TX

Perryton High School FCCLA chapter attended the state competition April 7 - 9, 2022 in Dallas, TX.  There were 3,500 competitors from across the state representing 400 chapters.

Perryton High School FCCLA chapter earned the Gold Star Chapter award for their project work for the year.


Back Row (L-R) Natalie Castaneda, Jasmin Gallardo, Isabella Hansen, Giselle Pena-Garcia, and Adilene Feregrino.  Middle Row (L-R)  Chloe Tanner, Sofia Flores, Evelyn Camacho, Karime Sigala, and Ximena Mendoza.  Front Row (L-R)  Katie Montes, Valeria Mendoza, Marisol Llamas, Alejandra Rodarte Leyva, and Evelyn Ontiveros.


Jarred Natalie Castaneda was awarded a total of $20,000 in FCCLA Scholarships from Regional FCCLA Scholarships, HEB, and CJ Davidson.

Sofia Flores earned 5th place in the state for her Sustainability Challenge project over upcycling and fast fashion.

Our FCSA Competitors won 9 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal - Ximena Mendoza, Evelyn Camacho, Karime Sigala, Jasmin Gallardo competed in Etiquette and earned Gold Medals.  Katie Montes competed in Step One and earned a Gold Medal.  Isabella Hansen, Natalie Castaneda, and Evelyn Camacho competed in Creed, Mission, Purpose and earned Gold Medals.  Chloe Tanner competed in Etiquette and earned a Silver Medal.


Natalie Castaneda, Chloe Tanner, Jasmin Gallardo, and Karime Sigala  were recognized as being Power of One Completers.

Jasmin Gallardo and Karime Sigala received honorable mention in the Spotlight on Projects - Career Connection event over their work with our mini career fairs hosted at the high school this year.

Adilene Feregrino and Alejandra Rodarte Leyva received honorable mention for their Focus on Children project where they hosted events for the littles at RRLC.

Valeria Mendoza and Marisol Llamas received honorable mention for their Chapter Service Project Portfolio over our chapter work with Jireh.