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Are you interested in partnering with Perryton ISD Full Day Pre-K?

Perryton I.S.D. is now accepting proposals from preschool providers seeking to participate in PISD’s Public Pre-K Partnerships for eligible Pre-K students. Participating families will receive high-quality, full-day prekindergarten education services and comprehensive, wrap-around supports to be provided by Childcare Partnership preschools that submit successful proposals and are chosen to participate by PISD. Childcare Partnership preschools will be reimbursed at a contracted rate for providing care to classrooms of children in the PISD program. The current proposal for partnership is open to preschool providers that meet one or more of the following criteria:


• Texas Rising Star Program Provider with a Three-Star Certification or Higher;

• Nationally Accredited;

• Texas School Ready Participant;

• Head Start Program Provider; or

• Meet the Requirements under TEC SEC 29.1532


Proposals for partnership must be received by Monday, February 17, 2020, at 12:00 noon. To apply, interested childcare entities should contact:

Dr. Tim Little
Perryton ISD

Pre-K Partnership


A recent newspaper letter and some public comments have shared rumors that overstate facts about recent teacher departures.  It has been stated that 10 to 14 teachers, depending on your source, left Perryton High School last year.  The actual number of teachers that left PHS last year was 7 full-time teachers and 1 part-time. 3 of those retired.

The table below shows the total number of teachers leaving district-wide for each of the last five years.  

Teacher Resignations

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PISD Board Election

School Board Election

May 2, 2020
2 Positions Open

Filing Deadline: Friday, Feb. 17, 2020

Candidates that have filed:
Mike Heck (Incumbent)
Lane Haley

To file, contact:
Maribel Murillo
PISD Administration Office
821 SW 17th
For information: 806-435-5478 Ext. 229




Stay Alert Bullying ReportIf you see bullying, cyberbullying, threats or anything else suspicious, REPORT IT IMMEDATELY.
You can remain completely anonymous. 

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