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Mask Requirements

PISD PUBLIC EVENTS: In keeping with TEA & UIL safety protocols, attendees to all PISD events, including athletic events, must wear a mask and practice social distancing. Your cooperation is vital to our ability to continue public events. PLEASE HELP US TO STAY IN COMPLIANCE AND REDUCE THE SPREAD OF COVID-19.


PARENTS AND STUDENTS: If you need help with Chromebooks or other Tech Issues CLICK BELOW.

Next Board Meeting

The PISD Board of Trustees will meet Thursday, Dec.17, 2020, at 6:00 pm in the PISD Admin. Building 721, SW 17th. NOTE: Board will convene for exec. session at 6:00 then adjourn in time to attend LPMAEC Graduation. The meeting will resume after graduation. A live feed of the meeting will be on the PISD Facebook page. Click below for links to Live Feed, Meeting Agenda, Past Videos





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E-Notes Notification System



The PISD Board of Trustees has voted to suspend Voluntary Remote Learning Effective Nov. 10, 2020.  Remote learning is still offered for students on COVID Quarantine, medically fragile students, and in the event of a campus or district closure.

More information is available  HERE   Español: Suspension de Aprendizaje Virtual

CLICK HERE for the PISD Remote Learning Procedures.

Campus Start and End Times


Head Start & Morning Pre-K 7:45-11:20; Dual Language Pre-K (One Class) 7:45 to 3:25; Kindergarten 7:45 to 3:25;

Wright & Williams

7:55 to 3:35


6th Grade 7:45 to 3:35; 7th Grade 7:50 to 3:30; 8th Grade 7:55 to 3:35;


8:05 to 3:45

Ludi Peña Martin AEC

7:55 to 3:35