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Donna Mann RN
Williams Intermediate

Susan Ortiz RN
Wright Elementary
Corina Ramirez RN
Kinder & PJH

Cindy Zapien
Wright: 806.435.2371 Ext. 245
ms: 806.435.3436 Ext. 257
Kinder: 806.435.2463 Ext. 245 Direct: 806.435.2748
Perryton Junior High: 806.435.3601 Ext. 245
Direct: 806.435.2748
Perryton High Shool: 806.435.3633 Ext. 229
Top Of Texas AEC: 806.434.0389


Can we reach you in an emergency?

It is very important that we have accurate and up-to-date phone numbers to be able to reach you.

Please make sure that your child's school has current information; cell phone numbers and/or work numbers as well as a home number.

It is also extremely important for your child to know these numbers or you could write it on a piece of paper to keep it in their backpack.

In the event of a serious health complication, it is crucial that we be able to get in touch with a parent or guardian.


Health Forms For Parents

Ebola & Enterovirus

New Louse Treatment

PISD has recently gained to ability to treat students with a pesticide free solution for lice.  The device is called the Louse Buster, and unlike traditional treatments, it is 99.2% effective.
Please print form, fill it out, and bring it to your student’s school nurse.
We ask for a $20 payment to recover the cost of replacing the disposable tip to the louse buster machine.
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