Superintendent - Robert Hall

Asst. Superintendent - Keith Langfitt

Chief Financial Officer - Doug Kile

Athletic Director - Dustin Klafka

Technology Director - Rodney Throgmorton

Director of Special Ed.- Mary Nine

Maintenance Director - Allen Kemp

Communications Director - Darin Clark

Food service Director - Tracie Cessna

Campus Administrators:

Perryton High School

Principal - James Mireles

Asst. Principal - George Caine

Top Of Texas Accelerated Education Center

Principal - Ludi Martin

Perryton Junior High

Principal - Janet Slaughter

Asst. Principal - Brandon Douglas

Williams Intermediate

Principal - Ronnie Watson

Wright Elementary

Principal - Tiffany Bietz

Asst. Principal - Staci Erickson

Perryton Kinder

Principal - Dent Felix

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