Boys Basketball Coach Announced

Posted Date: 06/21/2017

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Announcement From PISD Superintendent, Robert Hall RE: Boys’ Basketball Coach

I have decided, after much consideration and thought, that we need to move forward with naming a head boys’ basketball coach for Perryton High School as it is getting late in the school year for hiring that level of position.  Since receiving Coach Morris’s resignation back on March 31st, we have had 12 official applications submitted as well as personally calling on 5 different potential prospects for the position.  Each of these fell through in one way or another, i.e. little to no experience, took another job, or not really proven at this level of play.


Therefore, we have had to go back to the drawing board and figure out a new plan.  The plan that I have put into place is a permanent plan for the foreseeable future.  The plan is to assign the basketball coaching position to Coach Dustin Klafka in conjunction with his Athletic Director position.  This plan, to me, is in the best interest of the district in several ways at this point.  Two key examples would be: (1) It gives our kids a great coach to help rebuild this program’s experience after the loss of so many players at the varsity level with this last graduating class. (2) This helps the district out financially as we will have a savings in 1 salary since the legislature has sort of put us into a financial spin this legislative session.


I realize that a year ago, we had several who questioned the school district on making an AD program only and others who said it wouldn’t last splitting up the duties.  Our hopes were that this program would remain intact as many of us were very pleased with the progress our athletics program was/is making across the board in all sports.  It is my belief that our programs were making strides not only because we hired an AD only, but also that we had placed Coach Coursey and Coach McKethan into boys and girls coordinator roles.  I believe wholeheartedly that the success we are seeing is not merely the leadership of one of these men, but all three.  To assist with Athletic Director role during basketball season, I will be adding the title of Assistant Athletic Director to Coach Steven Coursey’s job where he can fill in during Coach Klafka’s basketball season.  Each of these positions will be covered to the best of our ability, by great people who have proven themselves to be hard working, dependable, driven and men of character.  These positions will be taken care of for the district with no additional dollars, but instead by people who only want to see great things happen for the kids of this community.  I look forward to seeing our programs continue to grow in all aspects of Athletics, both men’s and women’s.  Please congratulate these two as they work to help our kids be successful.